Why you should hire an IP Lawyer

IP lawyers specialize in intellectual property law. They are responsible for securing intellectual property of their clients which would include their inventions, designs and art. On the other hand they can also enforce legal rights for personal property and real estate.

The following are some of the ways an intellectual lawyer can help:

  • Offering protection for intellectual capital
  • Licensing an invention so people are unable to claim it as their own through fraudulent methods
  • Drafting legal documents
  • Conduction intellectual property due diligence

They can chose to represent clients in either federal court or the state court. They can help clients increase their portfolio by providing them with new ideas. They devise rules and regulations to protect their intellectual property.

People usually hire an IP lawyer to help them file an application for a patent or a trademark. This would help them represent your case in front of a patent officer and address any legal issues pertaining to it.

There are six sections of intellectual property law. These include the following:

  1. Trademark law
  2. Copyright law
  3. Patent law
  4. Trade secret law
  5. Licensing
  6. Discriminating competition

The following are some of the things which come under the title of intellectual property:

  • Scholarly or fictional pieces of writing. Anyone can try to claim that the text has been written by them. So in order to ensure that you have full rights to your work, an IP lawyer can make sure that they devise a set of rules which can secure your work and prevent people from misusing it.
  • Intellectual property also covers music, songs, acts and plays
  • The name of your particular product and the slogans associated with it. Anything which makes your property unique should be yours. There are times when someone might come up with a name or a slogan which is exactly like the one you have. This is obviously done on a malicious intent. An IP lawyer makes sure that your intellectual property stays safe from intruders or frauds.
  • The secrets pertaining to your business etc.

When it comes to protecting slogans, logos and symbols, it is trademark law which offers full protection. If you are the holder of a trademark you have every right to go to the court and obtain an order which would thwart any attempt at malicious use of the trademark.

On the other hand copyright law is useful for writers, artists and musicians. It also pertains to people who are the creators of any original work. Copyright law simply offers protection for the content and not for the title of the content. A copyright can last a lifetime of the creator plus seventy more years.

Patent law allows the creator of a particular piece of art thought or ideas to sell their work or invention. A patent comprises of a document which is issued by a federal government. The rights of a patent can last up to twenty years.

Do you need an IP Lawyer? For more information on intellectual property law make sure you talk to an IP lawyer.