What you should know about phone screen repair

We all know the familiar scenario of the phone slipping from your hand and nose diving towards the ground. If you are lucky your protector would save your phone screen. However there are certain time when you would find the screen chipped or shattered.

If you are also wondering why the phone is prone to damage despite being so expensive you should understand that it is often due to the compromise between what the consumer wishes for and what engineering faults a phone might have. Since all of us want phones with best displays which also have an elegant design one needs to compromise on the durability.

There is also a mechanical explanation for this. The elastic energy which is stored in the phone’s glass is usually converted into surface energy which results in the glass cracking. When you drop your phone the force of the impact create a compression which results in small spaces and eventually leads to the shattering of the screen.

Before you start of the phone screen repair it is important that you put the phone on a solid surface and observe it under a good night. You would need to carry out a bit of stress testing and a little bit of prodding to work out whether the screen has failed completely or would hold on for a few more days. Usually the screen stays in one place and just a little bit so you can still keep using the phone as long as the screen remains visible and functioning.

If you think that the screen is damaged beyond repair you should make sure that you backup your data as quickly as possible and have it saved in an external drive. After that you may need to find a professional repair technician. However until the time that you reach the technician there are certain things that you can do to ensure that things do not get any worse

Phone screen repair 101

The basic idea is to uphold the phone until you are able to buy a new one. If you think that you do not care much about affected phone you can carry out a simple repair at home as well. All you need to do is to cover screen with the layer of packing tape and make sure that you line up everything carefully. Use a sharp knife and you can almost make it look like a real screen protector.

If you think that you have the expertise you can even replace the phone screen on your own. However you may need to follow a step-by-step guide along with the photos or a video tutorial. However before you go this route it is important to take into consideration the cost of replacing the screen. You would also require special tools. For your convenience choose professional PTC phone repairs Canberra.