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What you should know about phone screen repair

We all know the familiar scenario of the phone slipping from your hand and nose diving towards the ground. If you are lucky your protector would save your phone screen. However there are certain time when you would find the screen chipped or shattered.

If you are also wondering why the phone is prone to damage despite being so expensive you should understand that it is often due to the compromise between what the consumer wishes for and what engineering faults a phone might have. Since all of us want phones with best displays which also have an elegant design one needs to compromise on the durability.

There is also a mechanical explanation for this. The elastic energy which is stored in the phone’s glass is usually converted into surface energy which results in the glass cracking. When you drop your phone the force of the impact create a compression which results in small spaces and eventually leads to the shattering of the screen.

Before you start of the phone screen repair it is important that you put the phone on a solid surface and observe it under a good night. You would need to carry out a bit of stress testing and a little bit of prodding to work out whether the screen has failed completely or would hold on for a few more days. Usually the screen stays in one place and just a little bit so you can still keep using the phone as long as the screen remains visible and functioning.

If you think that the screen is damaged beyond repair you should make sure that you backup your data as quickly as possible and have it saved in an external drive. After that you may need to find a professional repair technician. However until the time that you reach the technician there are certain things that you can do to ensure that things do not get any worse

Phone screen repair 101

The basic idea is to uphold the phone until you are able to buy a new one. If you think that you do not care much about affected phone you can carry out a simple repair at home as well. All you need to do is to cover screen with the layer of packing tape and make sure that you line up everything carefully. Use a sharp knife and you can almost make it look like a real screen protector.

If you think that you have the expertise you can even replace the phone screen on your own. However you may need to follow a step-by-step guide along with the photos or a video tutorial. However before you go this route it is important to take into consideration the cost of replacing the screen. You would also require special tools. For your convenience choose professional PTC phone repairs Canberra.

Importance of hiring security guards in Sydney

Security guards in Sydney prevent violence by ensuring a safe environment for property and business owners. While the primary duty of security guards Sydney is to prevent crime, they play various roles as well.

Premises that show the presence of a security guard often deter invasion from potential criminals. Security guards Sydney hired by private and public wholesale and retail buildings ensure a safe environment for workers and guests alike.

Various Roles of Security Guards

Security guards are primarily tasked with patrolling the exterior and interior of the properties hiring their services. This includes making sure that the gates are properly locked while monitoring doors and windows as well.

The first one on the scene whenever a disturbance happens or an alarm goes off on the premises is the security guard. They are also the first person to call the services of law enforcement, ambulance or fire. This is because anything that happens in the business after hours is the responsibility of security guards.

Other tasks performed by security guards are to monitor the cooling and heating systems of the business they are hired to guard. Reports of damage to equipment as well as logging in daily activities of the business are also part of the performance security guards are trained to do.

Simply put, security guards are required to:

  • Prevent incidents with their quick response
  • Secure the assigned post by performing foot patrol
  • Provide escort services
  • Ensure a professional and safe work environment for the employees and guests of businesses hiring their services
  • Assume a daily positive attitude representing the security firm he is attached with

Importance of Security Guards

A business hiring the services of a security guard gains many benefits. Reputable security firms ensure that their security guards are professional, skilled, experienced, and mature in all their dealings. Potential security guards undergo extensive background checks before they are hired by reputable security firms.

  • Nothing deters potential criminals than the presence of security guards on the premises. The visible protection provided by security guards not only benefits businesses but households and individuals as well.
  • The businesses that often attract vandalism, car thefts, muggings, robbery, and other crimes are shopping centres and malls. These reasons explain the presence of multiple security personnel on the premises. Having them on the premises has significantly deterred criminal acts from happening in the first place.
  • The prominent display of security guards offers many benefits to huge public events such as sporting events, weddings, and conferences. Addressing the security concerns of public events allows a smoother and trouble-free celebration.
  • Active patrol of business property is not the only reason to hire a security guard. He can be tasked with restricting access to certain areas of the business, check credentials, monitor video surveillance, and check for contraband.
  •  Keeping an eye on the premises of business after hours as well as tasked with the daily opening or closing of a business is another job that can be performed professionally by a security guard.

Some small businesses such as retail stores, convenience stores, and banks are attractive targets for petty thieves and criminals. Hiring ASAP security guards in Sydney to patrol and monitor the premises of these types of small businesses serve as the best deterrent to preventing crime.

All you need to know about Bankruptcy Help Brisbane

Being declared by a court or stating that you cannot pay your debts is the first step in the formal process known as bankruptcy.

Before considering bankruptcy as your last resort, you must first be aware of the seriousness of this process. While some people in Brisbane may see bankruptcy as the best way to clear off outstanding debts, bankruptcy help Brisbane means talking to a financial counsellor before anything else.

Who are eligible to file for Bankruptcy in Australia?

An Australian “connection” has to be established for you to declare bankruptcy. This means that you either have a business place in Australia or you are an Australian resident. Any debt amount that you are unable to pay allows you to file for bankruptcy.

Steps for Filing for Bankruptcy

You must first consult a financial counsellor before you file for bankruptcy. Doing so ensures you understand the serious consequences a declaration of bankruptcy will bring to you. If you feel that you are ready to face the consequences, here are the steps to apply for bankruptcy:

  • A bankruptcy pack from the AFSA or Australian Financial Security Authority should be downloaded online and filled out
  • Consult a financial counsellor to help you fill out the forms. He/she will also be able to help you reconsider by making you understand the serious consequences of declaring bankruptcy
  • Submit your application either online or mail

AFSA will appoint a trustee 2 weeks after you have been declared bankrupt. Managing your financial affairs can either be an appointed trustee from AFSA or hiring your private trustee.

The serious consequences of Bankruptcy

Applying for voluntary bankruptcy may sound like a relief, but serious consequences are in store for you, to include:

Losing assets

A formal declaration of bankruptcy may protect some of your assets, but it will also affect some of it. Assets that are not protected include:

  • At the start of bankruptcy, monies of more than $1,000 in your bank accounts will be confiscated
  • Land and houses
  • Vehicles priced above the allowed value
  • High-end electronic items, antiques, and other expensive and luxurious personal effects
  • Trade tools priced above the allowed value
  • Jewellery and valuable artworks
  • Winnings, inheritance or tax refunds

Business operations

A declaration of bankruptcy makes it unlawful for you to:

  • Do business transactions using a different business name other than your legal name
  • Need the court’s permission to manage a business or act as one of a company’s director

Loans and credit

A lifetime public record with the National Personal Insolvency Index and a minimum of five years on your credit report will reflect your bankruptcy. This means that for five years, no credit or financial institutions will loan you money.

Earning an income

You are allowed to earn money with the income not exceeding allowed amounts after-tax. You are required to pay your trustee contributions that will be spread over your creditors.

Fines, HECS, and Child Support

Declaring bankruptcy will not exempt you from paying fines imposed by the court, child support, and Higher Education debts.

Having debts totalling $5,000 and being unable to pay it may make your creditors compel you to file for bankruptcy. If you are wondering where to find bankruptcy help in Brisbane, you need not worry. Companies like NR Consulting are always ready to help you.


Tips to Provide Better IT Support

it support

For any business, providing quality customer support is just as important as offering top of the line products or services. However, on many occasions businesses tend to ignore the voice of their customers and thus end up incurring the wrath of their customers. Realizing the potential, many companies have developed a customer-oriented approach and employed it to pull ahead of the competition.

It doesn’t matter what they a customer is doing, whether they are purchasing something or are looking to file a complaint. Your business should be well equipped to assist them at every step of the process, making sure that their needs are addressed effectively and efficiently.

Now the million dollar question is how should your customer support team interact with your customers and accommodate their requests? Let’s explore a couple of tips and tricks that’ll help you improve the managed IT services Gold Coast and IT support experience for your customers.

Reduce the amount of emails

Many IT support personnel experience this problem, they spend countless hours going back and forth with emails, sending messages back and forth. While the process can continue for days, your support team needs to ensure that they ask as many relevant questions in a single email to get as much information as they can and troubleshoot more efficiently. It will help them avoid all the back and forth with the client.

Set appropriate expectations

You need to provide a realistic time frame to your clients for every support case. Let them know when you’ll be able to fix their issue. While this may sound like common sense, but people tend to take time sending messages to the clients requesting support. It’s not only courteous, but it also helps you keep a paper trail should any other issue arises.

Have documentation

Have documentation readily available about the “known bugs” related to your products, which should include possible solutions or at least workarounds for the known issues. By providing such a knowledge base for everyone, your IT support department can cut down on the repetitive support requests, freeing up a lot of time and making the whole process lean.

Get feedback


You can never get ahead of all the customer issues, no matter how proactive you are. Be it a survey at the end of the call, or an email sent out to the clients after their support request is fulfilled, this will help you understand the good, the bad and the ugly experiences your customers have.

Make it easy for your customers to leave feedback about their support experience, and make sure to incorporate their feedback into your process. This will display that you’re actively listening to your clients and that you genuinely care to address their needs and wants.

Three Different Kinds of Psychologists that Really Exist


When you hear about psychologist blue mountains, you usually tend to imagine someone in an office. A place where people go for therapy to get over traumatic experiences or help with mental illnesses. As much as that is true and does happen, there is more that meets the eye. There are many more applications of psychology that are less heard of. Here, we have gathered top three kinds of psychologists that exist, but you probably never thought or heard of before. So, if you are someone who contemplated psychology as a major or just someone who is curious to know, read on! It might actually inspire you to take on a career track down this road. Might we add, in some cases, it actually pays well too.

Cognitive Psychologists

You can probably guess by the name. Cognitive psychologists are those who study how the human brain “thinks”. Cognitive psychology encompasses the study of how people think and tend to engage in decision making activities. As interesting as it sounds, this field of specialty can be found in hospitals, government agencies and at times even marketing firms, where a company may be interested to understand how a consumer makes a decision. Rather, how to influence a consumer to choose their product over the competition. These can help shape a firm’s marketing strategy and of course help it earn bigger bucks.

I-O Psychologists

Industrial-Organizational Psychologists may sound like a very daunting profession and yet, it is just as much fruitful, for professionals. I-O psychologists work on a range of areas from understand work-place behavior of employees to researching about ways to improve productivity. Companies and business-oriented organizations seek help from I-O psychologists to figure ways to reduce costs, improve workplace happiness and productivity. They can also assist in designing tests and assessments for potential candidates of a company. It can help a company choose an individual that is best suited for particular role over its competitors in a more data-driven manner.

Cross Cultural Psychologists


As the name suggests, cross-cultural psychologists study the impact and traits of cultures across the globe. If you ever wondered whether a trait of yours is because of your family or a society thing, a cross-cultural psychologist probably has the answer. They understand human behavior involving cultural integrity and how it influences the way we think and make decisions. For instance, if caught in an ethical dilemma, a person from American culture may be react in a certain way that may seem natural for them. Yet, an individual from an Asian background would find hard to consider. These kinds of discrepancies and their influences on an individual as well as a society are pondered over by cross-cultural psychologists.

What Is A Managed IT Service And Why Should You Get One For Your Business

Cheerful female support operator in headset

If you haven’t lived under a rock until now, most probably you use modern technology in your business. Today, computers and the internet rule the world, helping people and businesses cope better with the increased demand for attention we all have to face. Unfortunately, computers, networks and other infrastructure elements may stop working, leaving you puzzled and confused about the steps to take in order to restore their normal functioning. This is what IT specialists are for, so you’ll probably contact one to help you deal with your issue. Nonetheless, if you have to pay an emergency fee each and every time you have an urgent trouble to sort out, you’ll realize this isn’t the best way to handle such things.

A managed IT service is a company that you can outsource your IT management to, usually based on a monthly or yearly subscription plan. They would maintain your systems on an ongoing basis, and handle all problems that may occur. This type of agreement is much better than contacting emergency troubleshooting services, because it enables you to know from upfront what kind of budget you’d need for IT maintenance for each year. Predictable prices will help you develop more accurate business plans, as your IT expenses will be under control. Computers may occasionally stop operating, but most of the time the problems can be easily fixed. If you have a good subscription with a managed IT service, you’ll have someone to help you sort out such things without extra costs.

A good managed service is also proactive. This means you won’t have to wait until something breaks, as they would perform regular inspections and maintenance works, thus preventing most IT problems that may interfere with your normal workflow. By hiring these experts right off the bat, you can have the peace of mind that all your systems are properly installed and configured, and all your staff trained on using them. This alternative to the break-fix model is a true performance booster for any business.

Managed IT services hire expert technicians, which is yet another reason to choose this solution for your business. If you were to hire such specialists by yourself, you’d probably pay them huge salaries you may not afford. By getting a services subscription, you can benefit from the expertise and the skills of these highly qualified people, and pay only a fraction of their salary. Your systems will be more stable and more reliable, and you’ll be able to do your work in the best possible conditions, without having to search the web for troubleshooting ideas and solutions.

These are only a few reasons why you need a managed IT service for your business. You may add to this list that by paying a monthly fee, the technicians will be motivated to work faster to fix your systems. On the contrary, by calling someone only when something breaks, you risk to pay higher fees and to wait more, as these consultants are stimulated to choose longer resolutions.

How To Manage Underperforming Employees

Two business partners standing by the window in office and interacting

If you have some employees that are underperforming, it can bring down the overall morale in your office and impact your business goals. This is why you need to address underperformance, but you need to ensure that you manage these employees correctly. Incorrect management of underperforming employees can cause more problems than they solve and you need to be aware of this. If you’re unsure, contact an HR consultant such as

Question Yourself Before You Approach

Before you approach your underperforming employees, you need to ask yourself some questions. The most important is if all of your employees have been explicitly told what you expect from them. If they have not, then they have no way of knowing if they are underperforming or not.

You should also ask if they understand what the repercussions of underperformance are. You should also consider if they are aware that they are actually underperforming in their job. If they are not aware, confrontation is not the best approach and you should look at talking to them about this instead.

Avoid Any Emotional Confrontations

Emotional confrontations will not help anyone and will only cause more problems. Threatening behaviour and accusatory questions will not help your relationship with your employees or boost morale. You need to ensure that you stay calm while you talk to your employees and collect your thoughts beforehand.

Be Prepared

Before you arrange to talk to your underperforming employees, you need to gather evidence and materials that will help your case. There is no point in saying that the employee has been underperforming if you cannot prove this. Saying that they are not doing a very good job is vague and will not help anyone.

When preparing for the meeting with the employee, you need to be as specific as possible. If you feel that only one area of their work is being affected, focus only on this. If you have goals for your employees that they know about, you should also bring documentation regarding this into the meeting.

Deal With Underperformance As Soon As Possible

When you notice that an employee is underperforming, you need to address this as soon as possible. Waiting for the employee to sort this out on their own may create a work culture where this behaviour is acceptable. When you do finally talk to the employee, you could be confronted with the fact that you did not have a problem before this time.

Of course, this does not mean that you should be meeting with your employees every time they fall slightly behind. Not meeting one deadline does not mean that they are consistently underperforming and meeting with them could cause problems. However, if they miss multiple deadlines and do not seem to be doing anything to remedy this, you have to speak to them.

Managing underperforming employees can be a challenge for any manager. However, it is important that you address this as soon as possible before you create a culture where this behaviour is acceptable. Before talking to the employee, you will need to determine if they are actually underperforming and if they are aware of this.

Finding The Right Function Venue

The prespective of a conference or functional hall

Are you currently searching for a venue for an upcoming function? If you’re struggling to find the right function room, there are a number of things you will want to consider. These are a few of the qualities that make a function venue great.

Carpeted Floors And Sound-Proof Walls

You don’t want noise to be a major distraction at your event. You’ll want to minimize disturbances. That’s why a function venue with carpeted floors and sound-proof walls is going to be a great choice for you. If your venue offers these qualities, noise shouldn’t be an issue at all!

There are additional benefits to renting a function venue with carpeted floors. Carpeted floors are more comfortable to stand on, which means that the people that attend your event will have a much better time. Renting a venue space like this could even save you money. If you were planning on renting carpets, selecting a space that already has carpets could save you quite a bit of cash.

An Ample Amount Of Space

You don’t want the people that attend your function to feel cramped. Everyone there should have enough room to move around. You should make sure that you find a space that is large enough to meet your needs.

When you are calculating how much space you need, you should try to take everything into account. Don’t just look at the max capacity of the room. Think about the amount of space that chairs, booths, and other equipment will take up.

Find A Space In A Convenient Location

You want to make sure that everyone that is interested in going to your function is able to attend. Don’t choose a space that is difficult to get to. Instead, focus on finding a space in a convenient, easy-to-reach location.

If you are looking for a function room in a city, you may want to think about parking as well. If some of your attendees are going to be driving to the event, you will want to make sure they can park their vehicles safely.

Great Ambiance

Look at the existing decor in the function space you are considering. Will this decor work for your event? If the function space already has the right decor, you won’t have to spend a lot of time decorating. The venue will already be ready for you.

If you are planning on hosting a gala, you may be interested in a function space with upscale decor. If you are going to be hosting an expo or a seminar, more relaxed decor might be a better fit at somewhere like the Tradewinds Hotel. Don’t try to fit a square peg into a round hole. Focus on finding a space that is a natural fit for you.

Selecting the right function space isn’t always going to be easy. You may have to look at a number of venues before you find a space that is a good fit for you. With that said, you should eventually be able to find the kind of space that meets or even exceeds your needs.